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Crew Pacific’s Internationally Recognised Super Yacht On-Board Training Package.

What does the On-Board Training Package offer?

Welcome to Crew Pacific's Internationally Recognised On-Board Super Yacht Training Package. We are now offering On-Board Training Packages to yachts looking to refine and up-skill their current crew.  These Packages can be tailored to match exact Captain or Owner requirements. The training modules we offer have been specifically designed for the International Super Yacht Industry.

Crew Pacific's aim is to enhance those skills already achieved and to translate them across to international standards.

Modules covered in the On-Board Training Package

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  1. Silver Service (Russian, French, English and American service) and Food Hygiene ($350.00AUD)
  2. Level One Coffee Certificate ($195.00AUD)
  3. Exterior and Interior Detailing ($200.00AUD)
  4. Laundry Formalities ($180.00AUD)
  5. Floral Arrangements and Care ($300.00AUD)
  6. Wine Appreciation ($300.00AUD)

Why should I put my Crew through the On-Board Training Package?
It will give your interior crew the right skills, confidence and knowledge to be a better Steward/ess.

  • It will enhance the standard of the crew on-board the yacht.
  • It will teach your crew different techniques on how to organize the interior of the yacht.
  • It will help to improve the overall standard of presentation on the yacht.

How much does the On-Board Training cost?

The six On-Board Training modules will cost $1525.00AUD in total, alternatively your crew can complete single modules at individual prices.

Where is the On-Board Training held?

  • The On-Board Training can be held in our facilities in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.
  • Alternatively, our Trainers can travel to your yacht for direct On-Board training.

What do my Crew achieve by completing the On-Board Training?

  • Your crew will have gained new ideas, knowledge and skills which can be applied to their work aboard the yacht.
  • A comprehensive Training Manual is supplied at the start of the Course and upon Course completion your crew will receive a Certificate of Competency.
  • Your crew will obtain a Level One Barista Certificate.
  • Crew Pacific supplies continuous support and guidance to you and your Crew even after the training is completed.

What are the dates of the On-Board Training Course?

Dates can be tailored to suit your schedule

How do I enrol My Crew for the On-Board Training Course?

Please contact Crew Pacific direct to discuss your specific requirements and the options which best suit you. Once the finer points have been assessed, Crew Pacific will send you the appropriate Enrolment Form. 

(These courses are conducted by other organisations)
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